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Floating Wall, Sumatai

Floating Wall, Sumatai

From time to time I put together small workshops to introduce photographers to the areas I photograph. The goals of my workshops are to have fun, to actually take photographs, and to learn a little about this wonderful activity we call photography.

My aim is to assist the participants in finding and photographing the unique places and subjects I've been lucky enough to find over the years, to introduce you to different cultures, to learn a little from me (and me from you), and, did I say, have fun?

We do have portfolio reviews, usually from digital files due to the problems bringing and showing prints to overseas locations. When possible, we'll have black and white darkroom demonstrations. I pay attention to individual questions that are within my ability to answer, and to individual needs and choices regarding flexibility of itinerary, subject matter etc.

For the 2008 season we'll have two Great Wall workshops; May 24-June 4 (this workshop is now closed out), and October 11-22. Both are scheduled to take advantage of the seasonal color and most comfortable climate; the October period occasionally has snow but is usually moderate in temperature. The spring trip will probably be shirtsleeves weather. In addition to my workshops, this year I've been asked to teach a workshop in Finland which is co-sponsored by the Finnish and Chinese governments. Please visit "Under the Same Sun" workshops website for information on these exciting workshops.

We'll fly into Beijing, stay there a couple of nights to adjust to the time difference and see some of the fantastic sights there (The Forbidden City, the Temple of Heaven, Tiananman Square). We'll have three separate trips to the wall, returning to Beijing or Chengde to regroup and, well, shower. We'll concentrate on the 'Wild Wall', the undeveloped non-tourist parts of the wall-no T-shirt vendors, flags or handrails.

This will be a unique opportunity to see the real China; actually several 'real' Chinas, extending from the middle ages to the 21st century. The experience will be relaxed and intimate with small groups. Access to these areas is becoming more limited and expensive as China develops, so there is no better time than now.

Each trip costs $2775, which excludes airfare (about $1300 from the east coast as of January 2008) but includes everything else except two or three meals and souvenirs.

I'll provide all details via email, and look forward to introducing you to the

Great Wall of China!

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