Zorn Photographs
Monk, Buddhist Temple, Fengjie

Fengjie, China

(From the preface by Bill Zorn)
“No one will ever know what history remains beneath the reservoir, the length of Lake Superior. Millions of lifetimes now silently observe as ships pass hundreds of feet above their graves. They are now one with the river which gave them their lives and livelihoods. Though they can no longer hear us, we can see them in the eyes of these, their descendants.”

Thus we are ushered into "The Three Gorges"
a collection of haunting images captured over a two year period
from the area now flooded by the reservoir created by the largest
dam in the world. Hardbound, with sixty-five duotone images printed on
heavy-weight art paper, this volume shows us the places now inundated
as well as the last generation to inhabit this beautiful place.

Introduced by Dai Qing, a courageous journalist who has received
a term in prison for her writings along with a Harvard Nieman Fellowship,
the Goldman Prize for environmental work and many other awards.

Each image is beautifully reproduced with the detail only available
by the use of large format cameras; many are complemented with
selections of Chinese poetry and quotations from Confucius, Lao Tsu
and other philosophers.

In addition to the Deluxe Edition, a Collector's Edition of 100
signed and numbered books in an elegant clamshell box
each with a signed silver/gelatin print enclosed is offered.

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